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Flipster: User Guide

Learn how to view Flipster digital magazine titles on your desktop or mobile device.

What titles are available in Flipster?

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Use the Flipster Mobile App for offline reading of select magazine titles.

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Flipster FAQs

Q. How do I download a magazine to the mobile app for offline viewing?
A. No app is necessary to view a magazine while connected to the Internet.  For offline viewing, please install the Flipster app for your mobile device (see links at left).

To download issues to the app for offline viewing:

  1. Using your device's web browser, go to Park's Flipster website and tap on a magazine to read. The magazine opens in the web browser.
  2. Tap the menu in the upper left hand corner and select Open in App. The Flipster app opens and downloads the magazine.
  3. When the NEW label appears in the lower left corner of the magazine cover, the issue is available to read.
  4. Tap the cover to open the magazine and the download will continue while you are reading.

Q. Is there a limit of how many magazines I can download to the app?
A. No, you can download as many magazines from Park's Flipster subscriptions as you’d like.

Q. Do the issues I download to the app expire?
A. Some select titles will expire and will need to be deleted from your device. These titles display an expired icon and appear grayed out when no longer available to read. Select weekly titles may expire in 2 days while select monthly or seasonal titles may expire in 7 days.

Q. After an issue expires, can I download it again?
A. Yes, simply return to Park's Flipster website and re-download the magazine.

Q. How do I delete an issue?
A. Tap on the trash can icon in the lower right corner of each magazine cover to delete it.

Q. What is the % number in the lower left corner of each cover image?
A. When you first download a magazine but haven’t read any of the contents, you’ll see a NEW label in the lower left corner of each magazine cover. Once you begin reading the magazine, the NEW label is removed and replaced with a % number that tracks how much of the magazine you’ve read.

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